Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm Back At Last

We are finally moved in and back from vacation and back to the life plan full time.

We had a smooth move and a terrific vacation. We went to Texas to visit with family and meet the two new babies in the Horn clan -- Logan and Julie. Both are adorable, friendly, curious, and just everything else that is just perfect! We had great visits with the family, too many good meals, long drives in the Texas countryside, and lots of sleep and snuggles. Who could ask for more?

The downside of moving and vacation, of course, is lots of meals at restaurants. We both gained back some of our weight -- especially since Alan sprained his foot during the move and could barely walk for a couple of weeks.
I am back at 235 this morning.

But, Alan can walk normally again, and we are somewhat settled in our new nest -- so we are back to our life plan.

The doctor who looked at Alan's sprain also had a new suggestion for our eating plan. He said to eat all of your calories at breakfast and lunch and to just have water and more water for dinner. Alan is doing that, and I have modified it for my diabetes to eating most of my calories at breakfast and lunch and having salad or veggies at night. We will see how the new idea works for us.

Glad to be back!

Yesterday's Stats:
Weight:              235
Calories In:      1270         Calories Burned:    113        Total Calories:  1157
BS Average:      122


  1. Funny but my bariatric specialist says that while breakfast is very important, it's also very important to keep fueled and I have to eat every 3 hrs. or so - just small amounts and higher protein (like 10 almonds for a snack). He likens it to your vehicle - you can run it on fumes, it needs FUEL, and so do we. Also, when you fast over your nighttime (just a general sleep) your metabolism goes down 40% so keeping your FUEL up, keeps your metabolism up too. When you don't eat, your body takes the fuel mostly from muscle, which is what you don't want.
    It works for me! (when I follow it...)

  2. "can't run it on fumes" - sorry!