Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back in the Groove

I feel like I am almost back into my groove, and that feels good!

Yesterday my blood sugar average was 153 at 74 total units of insulin. I walked twice and reached 10,472 steps. That came out to 3.8 miles. And my total calories were 1309 for the day.

Today my numbers were very similar, although my calories for the day came out to 1530.

Hopefully, after about a week I will get my blood sugar numbers down closer to an average of 100 for the day. Then I can start reducing the insulin again.

Since my insulin level is higher, my weight has been sitting at between 230 to 234. I sure can't wait to get into the 220s!


  1. You'll get there. Sometimes it seems so very slow, but progress is being made.

  2. Going by your numbers on the side, you are making great progress!