Friday, June 10, 2011

Where Am I and Where Am I Heading?

Where Am I?
Well, I have regained a few pounds, so I am at 234 this morning. What is worse is that my blood sugars have soared up into the 200s again. I tried for several days to raise my insulin a little and increase my exercise, but it wasn't enough.

Where Am I Heading? My new goals for the coming week:

First, I need to get back into my prayer and Bible study time. I let that slip, but it is my primary weapon in this battle for change

Second, I need to get the blood sugar back under control. So I am raising my insulin back up to its previous high level. As I increase my exercise again, I will be able to reduce the insulin back down. But first, I have to get this into normal ranges. (I really do hate diabetes!!!)

Third, I need to get back to 1 hour of walking or other moderate exercise after breakfast and after dinner. This is a must to keep those sugars in control.

Fourth, I am going to watch my calories this week, but not obsess about it until my blood sugars are back to normal and steady.

Fifth -- CHILL OUT! I have been really stressed about things in my life for the past week, but worry never helps and certainly hurts. So stop it already!

Thanks again for all of the input and encouragement out there. Hopefully, I will see some pounds start to come off again soon.

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  1. You've got a plan. For me that is the hardest part. All you have to do now is follow your plan. You can do that.