Thursday, April 21, 2011

Body Protests

I knew going into a new lifestyle that my body would protest at various points along the way. I expected muscle aches and pains, water retention at times, and hunger pangs at times.

What has caught me off guard is the days when I am just exhausted! I have days when I sleep a lot more hours and still find myself dragging through the day. I push through it with my exercise, but the fatigue can be more annoying than muscle aches to me. Alan has had the same thing in his weight loss journey.

Maybe it is just normal when we are making big changes in our "senior" years.

At any rate, yesterday was one of those days, and today hasn't been much better so far. Oh well! Keep on keeping on!

Yesterday's Report Card:
Weight:                                  234
Calories:                             1,200
Exercise Minutes:                 115
Average BS:                          130

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