Saturday, April 30, 2011


Alan and I went for our 2 month check up and blood work yesterday, and boy, were the nurse and doctor surprised! Alan has officially lost 19 pounds and I have lost 11 pounds. Celebrate!

The doctor was also very pleased with how I was managing my blood sugars and insulin and encouraged me to continue doing what I was doing. Alan was able to avoid an increase in his blood pressure medicine, too! I am anxious to hear what my test results are for the A1C blood sugar average over the last 3 months.

We did go to a restaurant for breakfast after the blood work. Sigh! It is getting impossible to have a restaurant meal under 1,000 calories at the places that we have been going to. Most are over 1,500 calories, and some of the appetizers are 1,800! No wonder Americans are getting fatter!

We had already been cutting back a lot from eating out in the last 2 months, but we decided to do even less eating out this morning. It just isn't worth it! (We ought to save a lot of money, too.)

Report Card:
Weight:                        232
Calories:                   2,052    (We went to a restaurant for one meal.)
Exercise minutes:         60
Average BS:               129

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