Sunday, April 3, 2011

Joining the Blogging Crowd

I decided it was time to start a blog of my own, especially as I continue on my path of self discovery and weight loss. It will be an easier way to share with those of you who are interested in my progress and also a good way to keep me accountable to my friends during the tough days.

There are a lot of reasons that I could site as to how I became 100 pounds overweight. But I have dealt with them in the past and what is important to me now is to stop using the past as an excuse not to do something right now. So, as some of you know, I decided to take some time off from my regular activities and focus on getting my blood sugars and weight under control and headed down in the right direction.

I am happy to say that after one month, I have lost 7 pounds and my blood sugars are now stable. I have also been able to lower my insulin dosage by 4 units per day. Hooray! I have also learned a lot about what to eat and when to exercise to improve my blood sugar numbers and even them out through the day.

Now I need to continue to lower my daily calories and increase the level of my exercise. So I will continue to post my journey here to keep me honest! :-)

I welcome your suggestions and encouragement -- but, most of all, your prayers. This is a spiritual journey even more than an emotional, intellectual, and physical one. Without Christ, I can do nothing -- with Him, all things are possible!


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