Thursday, April 14, 2011

Diabetes and Exercise

I am still fighting the flu today, but it ended up giving me another practical example of how important exercise is to controlling my diabetes numbers.

With how I was feeling, I only ate 2 meals today. Even though I was eating less calories for the day, exercise was still the crucial component to keeping my sugars level and in range.

After breakfast, I walked back and forth in the apartment for 15 minutes -- then I crashed back into bed. But that little bit of walking kept my numbers good. The same amount of calories at dinner, but sitting afterward, and my numbers shot up through the roof and only very slowly came down. At bedtime, they are still high.

So exercise within 1/2 hour of eating is a real key for me needing less insulin and keeping my numbers stable and in the "green" zone. Good lesson.

The good news after another day of flu is that the scale has finally relented and I have lost some more weight. 3 pounds -- Hooray!

Yesterday Report Card:
Weight:                         236
Calories:                    1,490
Exercise:                        80 minutes -- 12,356 steps
Average BS:                114

Today Report Card:
Weight                         233
Calories:                   1,120
Exercise:                       15 minutes
Average BS:                174

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