Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekends can be hazardous to your health

This weekend was rather scary because it seemed like my hubby and I were slipping back into old habits. I was still sick, and he had twisted his back -- so most of the weekend was spent resting and vegging in front of the tube.

Ususally that means we also overeat -- big time! And it seemed like we were overeating. But it turns out that we were overeating on more healthy foods and in smaller portions! Maybe this new lifestyle is beginning to stick!

While we both ate more calories than our goals and got very little exercise, we didn't binge like we used to. My blood sugars were higher, but not horrible. Hooray!

Saturday:                                                    Sunday:
Weight:                 235                               Weight:                     234
Calories:            1,430                               Calories:                1,660
Exercise:                15 minutes                  Exercise:                    30 minutes
Average BS:         128                               Average BS:            177

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