Friday, May 13, 2011

Back on Line

I am back on line after getting a few days behind.

Basically, this week has gone pretty well except for the exercise. I kept my calories about the same as the week before, and I am down to 231 pounds. Without as much exercise, my blood sugars did spike a bit more -- but not as bad as in the past.

I have had a hard time getting one of the blisters to heal up properly. That has made walking for any distance nearly impossible. I had to drain it again today. I finally cut away some of the calloused skin that was on top. Ick! Hopefully, the skin underneath will have a chance to heal up now, and I will get back on track this coming week.

While I have been on exercise hiatus, my husband has been walking to work every day this week! He walks 4 miles to work in the morning, and then gets a ride home. Wow! His legs are really showing the build up of muscles. I notice a difference in how my pants fit, too. The waistband is certainly loose now.

We got the A1C report from the doctor. Mine was down to 6.8 and Alan's was at 5.8. Not bad at all!

Have a good night, and I will be back on line tomorrow!


  1. Hi Becky thank you for stopping by my blog...I have a different take on exercise, remember I lost all my weight about 3 years ago and put it all back on, definitely a repeat offender here...but read this post on my blog and I explain about what I think of exercise...remember I am a professional dieter, so I know these things...LOL

  2. I just don't want my body to be dependent on exercise to keep the weight off. I used to exercise 2 hours a day...yes the weight came off, but what happened when I stopped, the weight came right back on, unless you are going to do something for the rest of your life, be it healthy eating or exercise, you will not see lasting results, been there, done that...jmho

  3. HI Becky,
    Thanks for stopping by & commenting on my blog! My "3 D's" are from the online study (free) "The Lord's Table" - I've studied it a few times and it has helped me each time. I'm a work in progress!
    Good for you for working on a healthier you! I also have blisters that are bothering me right now - one in particular has dried up quite a bit, but it still bothers me on my walks. I get blisters every spring, when I switch to different shoes (even though they're the same shoes most years!). I guess my feet aren't as calloused as I thought they were!
    Have a great weekend!
    I Will Lay Down My Idols