Monday, May 9, 2011

Doing Something Crazy

Well, today I did something crazy and I am glad that I did -- sore feet, blisters and all! I decided to walk with Alan to work -- an 8 mile round trip.

Now I did 4 miles yesterday, but before that, I hadn't walked more than about 2 miles in a day in many years. So, for me, that was a very long hike!

Today it took me about 4 hours to do the 8 miles (not counting 2 breaks of about 20 minutes each).

Yes, I got some doozy blisters on my right foot. Yes, my legs are stiff (although not as sore as I thought they might be at this point.) But what a great sense of accomplishment I am feeling! I can't wait for my feet to heal up so I can do it again!

Report Card:
Weight:                         232
Calories:                    1,850       919 calories burned
Exercise Minutes:         240        21,413 steps, 8 miles
Average BS:                 127

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