Monday, May 16, 2011

New Monday, New Week

Today went pretty well. My foot was healed enough for a 30 minute walk with my hubby this morning. And I got my calories down to a more reasonable effort.

The funny thing was that I was tired around 10 AM and decided to take an hour long nap. I didn't wake up until 4 in the afternoon! I guess I was more tired than I thought!

I have had that happen several times in the last few months. The only reason I can think of is that my body is going through changes that aren't obvious to me. Has anyone else had anything similar happen?

I hope all of you are starting out a great week, too!

Report Card:
Weight:                             231
Calories:                        1230
Exercise minutes:             30
Average BS:                    127


  1. I've had that! Not often, and it's sort of frightening - but yah, sometimes our body needs more sleep than we think it does! Maybe you're beginning to fight something? Or maybe you were just relaxed enough to get into an amazing sleep!
    good for you!

  2. Good day! I bet you are just catching up on some sleep. Remember to ask your doctor about it at your next check up.

    Keep plugging away with the calorie deficit and the exercise. :D It is worth it!

  3. For me, FOUR things would cause me to need to nap extensively during normal waking hours. One was having gotten very little sleep for a day or two or slept poorly due to sleep apnea. The second was coming down with some virus/flu, which I guess the body finds exhausting. The last was eating a lot of starch. I am insulin resistant (and almost became diabetic at one point), and you know how that is. Simple sugars/starches used to just send me into a dozey fog and sometimes I'd sleep for 2 to 4 hours after a high carb meal.

    I don't nap anymore/doze off on the couch anymore, thank God, and my blood sugar has been in the 90s the last several times checked. My acanthosis is clearing up significantly (a sign my insulin sensitive is improved).

    So, I assume you keep a food log (to know the calories), so check WHAT you ate in the hour to three before you got really sleepy. If it's not missing sleep, apnea/poor sleep, a virus or bug, then check to see if you consumed simple sugars/starches and if that's the pattern of what makes you dozy. (Or had to use more units of insulin, maybe.)

    I notice this is a relatively new blog, and thanks for coming by my own blog. I hope we both make it to our goal weights and improve our health.

    I know that sugar issues make losing weight harder. Post menopausal, too. I'm 51 with Metabolic Syndrome (though, the markers are improving, hooray), and I had to fight for every pound. I lost faster (easier) when I ditched grains/sugar, and I believe it's cause it helped my insulin spike less, I guess. But yeah, it's tough on us older gals with medical issues, the weight loss thing.

    And hooray to you and hubby for the active life you're cultivating. THAT is a huge, huge thing.


  4. Thanks for the encouragement and the information. I did have more sugars/carbs that day!