Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mini Vacation

If you are wondering where I have been for the last few days, I took a mini vacation from worrying about weight loss while I figured out what was cramping my progress. Stepping away from the problem for a while helped a lot.

I realized that sometime in April, I switched my brain from "life plan" to the deadly "diet think".

For those of you who are Christians, you will understand when I say that I switched from living freely under God's grace to self-righteously living rigidly under the Law.

In other words, I stopped freely embracing daily choices for a healthier life and enjoying the process. That process was a free expression of my love of God, my family, and myself. Instead I was rigidly trying to stick to diet and exercise "rules" and beating myself up when I didn't get instant results. For me, that is a sure fire road to self-sabotage and failure, and this time wasn't any different.

So I have readjusted my attitude once again. I know that will be an ongoing process. It is just so easy to slip back into those old thought patterns and behaviors!

In the meantime, Alan and I had a great weekend. We drove down to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park on Sunday and had a great day. We had never been there and were surprised at the large botanical garden section as well as the animal exhibits. We didn't worry about calories, but I took my pedometer and found that we walked over 5 miles during the day.

I found during that day and the days since that I can see a marked increase in my strength and endurance in walking. My pants are also getting really loose!

Talk to you all again tomorrow!

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  1. Good for you Becky for knowing you needed to fix your thinking! A healthy lifestyle is our goal, and the weight loss will just naturally happen.