Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Lovely Rainy Day

We had a nice gentle rain today -- always refreshing. And it was quite cool this morning, which was perfect for working out with the windows open in the exercise room. An older Chinese gentleman kept me company on the recumbant bike next to mine.

Most of the older Chinese in the apartment complex were born on the mainland and know only a little English. In fact, I have enjoyed listening to their English lessons in the study room next to the exercise room. It is a little like first grade for the 70 something crowd! They are always very friendly, though, and we can usually make ourselves understood to each other in simple terms.

Report Card:
Weight:                           232
Calories:                       1530
Exercise minutes:            35         3,526 steps
Average BS:                   151          I kind of bounced around a bit on that today

My hubby is working late again today, so I am going to relax and wait for him to get home.

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