Friday, May 20, 2011

Getting Unstuck

OK -- I've been stuck at around 231 for almost 4 weeks now. Enough already!

Alan and I talked this morning about what might be the problem, now that I am exercising again.

It really comes down to too many calories which is due to too much insulin. It is obviously time to lower the insulin again and exercise harder for a while to get my blood sugars down -- but then I will be able to lower the calories and get off dead center and lose some more weight. I hope!

Wednesday:                                                            Thursday:
Weight:                         228 (A fluke?)                    232     (stuck, stuck, stuck)
Calories:                      1520                                    1670  (still too high)
Exercise minutes:        60                                       90    (going up)
Average BS:                137                                     128  (still a little high)

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