Sunday, May 8, 2011

Focusing on the Positive

I was feeling really negative yesterday, but today is a new day. I stopped and took stock of the positive things that happened last week.

I got some major exercise in, I was able to reduce my insulin again, my blood sugar numbers just keep getting more stable, and my pants are getting looser. I think that far outweighs some days with higher calories!

Today Alan and I went on a terrific walk -- 4.75 miles! Two months ago I couldn't have gone nearly that far, let alone keep up the pace that we did today. Hooray!

We also decided that I would walk with him to work in the mornings and see how that went. It is 4 miles to get there. I would love to walk to work with him and then walk home -- and then do it again in the afternoon. Wouldn't that be an accomplishment! I will let you know the results....

Weight:                      Still 232
Calories:                    Mother's Day eating out again, so high -- 2550
Exercise:                   120 minutes, 13,117 steps, 4.75 miles
Average BS:             128

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